Saturday, May 15, 2004

Final Reflection

This has been a great semester and I am glad that I did not chicken out, dropping yet another class because I am a total pansy. I really enjoyed writing many of the papers--the research assignment evoking some pretty strong feelings and allowing me to vent a little. I love being creative and writing what I feel, and this is where I hope to take my writing. Literature is great and all, and I love critiquing different novels and stories, but I really love writing about things that spark my fire like talk shows, society, the future, and history. Arguing has always been my strong suit, so I guess I should take some sort of persuasive or argumentation course to further develop my ideas and strategies (I have heard about the argumentation IGETC course on campus—no way). I know that I tended to be one heck of a pessimistic person all semester, but I really do have a passion for life and I really do love talk shows and some reality TV (surprise, surprise!). As Jerry Springer leaves with a final thought, so will I: English isn’t bad once it’s over. Sure it was hard, but it was fun. I am really proud of everything I have written and look forward to more research papers—not!


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